We have the application in delphi and now we are implementing language translation feature. We added the code in core to translate the strings which are declared in ResourceString. It is working fine but strings which is declared in Array not translated. Example

 Error_Text = 'Invalid Value'; 

This is Working fine.

 ERROR_TYPE : Array[0..2] of String = ('Invalid Name', 'Invalid Age', 'Invalid Address');

How do i add these array values into resourcestring?

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I think you can't directly have an array of resourcestring. I'd try a function instead, something like:

  ERROR_TYPE0 = 'Invalid Name';
  ERROR_TYPE1 = 'Invalid Age';
  ERROR_TYPE2 = 'Invalid Address';

  TMyIndexType = 0..2;

function ERROR_TYPE(AIndex: TMyIndexType): string;
  case AIndex of
    0: Result := ERROR_TYPE0;
    1: Result := ERROR_TYPE1;
    2: Result := ERROR_TYPE2;
      // appropriate error handling

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