I'm writing a simple Haskell program that adds an exclamation mark ! to the end of an inputted string by the user. However my program won't run. This is my code:

addExFunction :: String -> String
addExFunction x = x ++ "!"

main = do
 putStrLn "enter string: "
 input <- getLine
 addExFunction input

This is what my error looks like:

a.hs:7:2: error:
    • Couldn't match type ‘[]’ with ‘IO’
      Expected type: IO Char
        Actual type: String
    • In a stmt of a 'do' block: addExFunction input
      In the expression:
        do putStrLn "enter string: "
           input <- getLine
           addExFunction input
      In an equation for ‘main’:
            = do putStrLn "enter string: "
                 input <- getLine
                 addExFunction input
7 |  addExFunction input
  |  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I am new to Haskell. How do I fix this error? Thank you.

  • addExFunction input does not return an IO ..., so you can not add this as last line (since other actions are IO in this do-block). You can for example use print (addExFunction input). – Willem Van Onsem Oct 11 at 11:24
  • Strictly speaking, return (addExFunction input) would type check, although an IO action that doesn't actually have a side effect wouldn't be very useful. – chepner Oct 11 at 13:08
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addExFunction input is a String. In the main do block, you need to use IO actions instead. What do you want to do with the string? If you want to print it, say so:

main = do
   putStrLn (addExFunction input)

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