At some point during upload the file name gets converted to the lower case and spaces are being replaced with the underscore. How do I preserve the original file name, without these 2 changes?

I've searched inside of all files for toLowerCase() and can't find it.

  • This sounds like a filesystem/operating system issue, nothing to do with uploading or jquery. – Flimzy Oct 11 at 11:47
  • That was my initial thought, so I checked my server side and couldn't find anything. Perhaps I missed something, so I'll try again. Thanks. – Jack Watts Oct 11 at 21:53
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I feel so stupid. Turned out the ABCUpload component I'm using by is doing the conversion. There's another property available which passes the raw file name, I just have to use that one.

Thanks Flimzy to at least pointing me to the right direction.

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