I´m trying two find user who were active in the same date, I´ve code that runs

select place,date,user, artNumber

from jobs
where user in (

select user2

from userActive

where date between 20180101 and 20181011 and user2 = 'nightJob')

This just give me when nightJob have been active, how can I match so the result return wich other user have been active in the same time as nightJob, I would love an explanation of the sulotion becuse I´m trying to learn.

I sound like amatur and mabye I´m, but can someone explain my code, I´ve wrot e it but I just whant to check if I understand it correctly. I dont whant fixed results, its over hundred users but nightJob is always that specific username.

desierd result

  • Please provide sample data and desired results. – Gordon Linoff Oct 11 at 12:41
  • @GordonLinoff hi Gordon, thx for your post, I´ve upload a picture that clarifies my disered result. – The.B Oct 11 at 13:09

Try below

select place,date,user, artNumber
from jobs
where user in (
select user2
from userActive where jobs.user=userActive.user2 and
date between 20180101 and 20181011 and user2 = 'nightJob')

My solution will add two more fields to the output, and I will let you complete the SQL command. I work in Oracle, not DB2, but, I think I can help. First, assuming your date field defines date values to the second, you need to use a function to modify the date: to_char(date, 'YYYYMMDD'). Also, you want two (or more) users who worked at the same time, so, I am including the second user in the output. Also, my results will show that the dates from the two tables are matched. My query may return duplicates. Check the results and modify the query, as needed.

Select jobs.place, to_char(jobs.date, 'YYYYMMDD'), jobs.user, jobs.artNumber,
    UserActive.user2, to_char(UserActive.date, 'YYYYMMDD')
    from jobs
    join UserActive
      on (to_char(jobs.date, 'YYYYMMDD'), to_char(UserActive.date, 'YYYYMMDD')
   where jobs.user <> UserActive.user2
     and /* put more filters here, if desired */
  • Thanks dude, I’m getting a error message that says ”vaild tokens (.,” I dont understamd why I’m getting that message, do you have an ide? – The.B Oct 11 at 19:18

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