We are using Liquibase to manage our database schema on a Sybase ASE RDBMS. As the Liquibase documentation states, change sets should always be executed inside a single transaction, as otherwise if an error occurs part way through running a changeSet containing multiple statements, the Liquibase databasechangelog table will be left in an invalid state (cf. changeset tag..

To this end, we run Sybase ASE with the ddl in tran option, which, according to the ASE documentation, allows several DDL statements to be wrapped up inside a single user-defined transaction. However, later we found that Liquibase always reverts to auto-commit on ASE (cf. the method liquibase.database.core.SybaseDatabase.supportsDDLInTransaction(), which always returns false).

Is there a means to override this method (probably in a class derived from liquibase.database.core.SybaseDatabase that is somehow registered with Liquibase) so that it returns true and thus keeps Liquibase from using auto-commit?

  • Maybe this has changed in Sybase. When that method was writtten in Liquibase to return false Sybase did not support it and now it does. So maybe this could be changed? (I do not use Sybase). But you could create an "Improvement" ticket in Jira liquibase. Here is one for Firebird DB as a reference: liquibase.jira.com/browse/CORE-405 – Jens Oct 11 at 13:10
  • To test it you could also clone liquibase on github, change the method and test it yourself... – Jens Oct 11 at 13:11

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