I have a TinyMCE editor embedded in a page in which the outer element has an ondrop handler that uploads dropped files.

However, if the user drops a file on the TinyMCE editor, the parent handler is never called. Regardless of whether I enable or disable drag-drop in the editor, the event never propagates to the parent element.

Is there a way to propagate an ondrop event from the TinyMCE editor to the surrounding element?

The editor itself is an iFrame so if you want to propagate the event you need to make sure you are passing it to the parent if you want the page to get the event.

Perhaps you can make a TinyMCE Fiddle or CodePen of what you are doing so people can see what you have tried?

  • All I've tried so far is to enable/disable drag-drop in the TinyMCE settings. There doesn't seem to be any way to control how events propagate from the editor iFrame, unless I'm missing something? – Simon Christiansen yesterday

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