I am using Revolution Slider in my website and the image in the slider has a custom style that I do not have any control over it which make the image shift to left by -455px

<img id="ahm-bg" src="" style="left: -455px; width: 2466.83px; height: 779px; position: relative; top: 0px; opacity: 1;" alt="" class="defaultimg">

I tried to use the documentation but nothing mentioned what I need: https://www.themepunch.com/revsliderjquery-doc/slidersettings/#gridwidth

can anyone help me?

  • “but nothing mentioned what I need” - and why should it, this is certainly not a normal use case - people assume that you use such slider plugins with images that you have control over, and not stuff that is dependent on how full the moon is … But overwriting this inline style from your stylesheet should presumably work to fix the issue, by the principle shown here: css-tricks.com/override-inline-styles-with-css – misorude Oct 11 at 13:21

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