I'm trying to mock a function using jest but I got an error on code where mock is called TypeError: got is not a function.

In my implementation, I've something like:

const got = require('got')
got('...', {})

And I've wrote mock function as:

jest.mock('got', (url, options) => {
  console.log('on my way', url)
  return 1

The message on my way is printed but I got the error mentioned. I'm pretty sure that the problem is the way I wrote mock.

Any help on how to mock got()?

Thank in advance.

The second argument to jest.mock should be a module factory function that returns the mock.

You just need to wrap your mock in a factory function that returns it:

jest.mock('got', () => {
  return (url, options) => {
    console.log('on my way', url)
    return 1

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