UnicodeString us = "12345";
 Label1->Caption= us.FirstChar();

The caption will show "12345" instead of "1". Why is that?

The help page for FirstChar is empty:

Embarcadero Technologies does not currently have any additional information. Please help us document this topic by using the Discussion page!

The declaration is this:

const WideChar*    FirstChar() const;
const WideChar*    LastChar() const;
WideChar*          FirstChar();
WideChar*          LastChar();
  • Nope. It won't compile if I pass a parameter. – Everybody_hates_BillTheLizard Oct 11 at 13:02
  • What is the type of caption? You should assign the result to a wchar_t variable. – User007 Oct 11 at 13:02
  • Caption is the caption of a form or of a TLabel – Everybody_hates_BillTheLizard Oct 11 at 13:04
  • 1
    It obviously returns a pointer to the first char. And it should be assigned to a wchar_t* variable. There is also a LastChar(), and guess what it returns. – Rudy Velthuis Oct 11 at 17:20
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The UnicodeString::FirstChar() method returns a pointer to the first character (just as the UnicodeString::LastChar() returns a pointer to the last character).

The data being pointed to is null-terminated. So the statement Label1->Caption = us.FirstChar(); is the same as if you had written Label1->Caption = L"12345"; instead. The TLabel::Caption property is also a UnicodeString, which has a constructor that accepts a null-terminated WideChar* pointer as input. That is why you see the result you are getting.

If you want just the first character by itself, use UnicodeString::operator[] instead:

Label1->Caption = us[1]; // UnicodeString is 1-indexed!

Or, using FirstChar(), simply dereference the pointer:

Label1->Caption = *(us.FirstChar());

Note that if the UnicodeString::IsEmpty() method returns true, both approaches will fail. operator[] will throw an ERangeError exception. FirstChar() will return a NULL pointer, which is undefined behavior to dereference. So watch out for that, eg:

if (!us.IsEmpty())
    Label1->Caption = us[1];
    Label1->Caption = _D("");

if (!us.IsEmpty())
    Label1->Caption = *(us.FirstChar());
    Label1->Caption = _D("");

A safer option would be to use the UnicodeString::SubString() method instead, which will return an empty string if the requested substring is out of range:

Label1->Caption = us.SubString(1, 1); // also 1-indexed!

Alternatively, you can use the RTL's System::Strutils::LeftStr() function instead:

#include <System.StrUtils.hpp>

Label1->Caption = LeftStr(us, 1);

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