I'm trying to use the function MergeSources in stm-conduit which has the following signature :

mergeSources :: (MonadResource mi, MonadIO mo, MonadUnliftIO mi)
             => [ConduitT () a mi ()] -- ^ The sources to merge.
             -> Int -- ^ The bound of the intermediate channel.
             -> mo (ConduitT () a mi ())    

I have sources based on IO directly, and I don't know how to move on this mi Monad which I believe ResourceT is the candidate :

so I have sources with the following signature :

ConduitT () (Connection,WorkspaceId) IO ()

and I would like this signature instead :

ConduitT () (Connection,WorkspaceId) (ResourceT IO) ()

despite the fact I have no resource to handle in these actions (I have a connection but it's global, that's what they recommend...), I give you an example of the function I want to use

streamAllWorkspaceAlreadyCreated :: Connection -> ConduitT () (Connection,WorkspaceId) IO ()
streamAllWorkspaceAlreadyCreated  eventStoreConnection = do
    yield eventStoreConnection
    .| WorkspaceStream.streamAll
    .| WorkspaceStream.discardCorruptedStreams
    .| mapC (\workSpaceId -> (eventStoreConnection,workSpaceId))

How about transPipe: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/conduit-1.3.1/docs/Data-Conduit.html#v:transPipe

transPipe :: Monad m => (forall a. m a -> n a) -> ConduitT i o m r -> ConduitT i o n r

transPipe liftIO :: ConduitT i o IO r -> ConduitT i o (ResourceT IO) r

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