I'm getting an error stating that the upload was cancelled by the user and I'm getting three errors from a single upload in the console (all the same error from firebase storage when uploading a file. I cannot see how, within the code that a cancellation is being made (assuming that since it stated that the its the being cancelled by the user then it is within the code.

  startUpload(event: FileList, item:string) {
    // The File object
    const file = event.item(0);

    // Client-side validation example
    if (file.type.split('/')[0] !== 'image') { 
      console.error('unsupported file type')

    // The storage path
    const path = `test/${new Date().getTime()}_${file.name}`;

    // Totally optional metadata
    const customMetadata = { user: item };

    // The main task
    this.uploadStatus = 'inprogress';
    this.task = this.storage.upload(path, file, { customMetadata })
    const fileRef = this.storage.ref(path);

    // Progress monitoring
    this.percentage = this.task.percentageChanges();
    this.snapshot = this.task.snapshotChanges().pipe(
      tap(snap => {
        if (snap.bytesTransferred === snap.totalBytes) {
          // Update firestore on completion
          this.db.collection('photos').add( { path, size: snap.totalBytes }); 
          this.uploadStatus = "finished";
        this.downloadURL = fileRef.getDownloadURL();


The full error from chrome console : "storage/canceled" code_ : "storage/canceled" message : "Firebase Storage: User canceled the upload/download." message_ : "Firebase Storage: User canceled the upload/download." name : (...) name_ : "FirebaseError" serverResponse : null serverResponse_ : null

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