The function to set the value of the text field. The error setValue is not a function

There are two main components in my application:Ext.tree.Panel и Ext.form.Panel When I click on a tree record, it is necessary that the form fields are filled with the values ​​of the selected record. To do this in the controller - ListViewController.js in the showDataFields function, I do this:

var name_field = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#name_field')
var code_field = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#code_field')

I get an error in the console:

TypeError: name_field.setValue is not a function

How to set field values ​​correctly in my case?

For clarity, created the application in Fiddle

  • Your fiddle is not working – Tejas Oct 11 at 14:27
  • 2
    try this name_field[0].setValue( because Ext.ComponentQuery.query will always return an array. – Narendra Jadhav Oct 11 at 14:29

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