I'm using talend open studio for BD and jenkins tool. Based on the talend, i have pulled the jenkins details through tRESTClient and stored in mongoDB.

Most of the jenkins jobs are created directly, so i have passed the required details API like below,


This is my working Job Structure:

tRestClent --> tXMLMap --> tWriteJson --> tExractJson --> tMongoDBOutput

The above URL is working fine for directly created jobs (without folder).

Then, I have created folder structure in jenkins and inside the folder jobs are created.
For Example:

1. Folder1 --> Job1
2. Folder1 --> Folder2 --> Job2

Using the above URL, I can able to pull the direct jenkins job details. But,inside folder jobs are not working properly.

tXMLMap: enter image description here

How to check the folder / sub-folder details and get all the jobs details using the URL?

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