I have a requirement when multiple apps want to send notification out in the form of email.I want to have a central app where users send notification too and that central app converts to email and sends it. Should i use REST API's in between my central app to get notifications from other apps or use MQ where other apps can write and my app listens to it? which is a better approach and why?

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    Hi and welcome to SO! This question is likely to be closed due to it being a very broad question, as well as one where it is primarily opinion based. To that vain, here's some advice: Review the specifications for the functionality. Ask things like: What is the expected throughput? What are the acceptable parameters I have to operate in (are emails needing to be sent immediately, is a delay acceptable? If so, by how long and so forth) Do research on both options. Learn about MQ vs REST for request processing. Pick your solution based on that, and then ask a specific question here if you need. – Robert H Oct 11 at 14:12

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