I have created a WCF service, which exposes the following [OperationContract]:

Task<bool> SendStream(Stream stream);

If I connect to this service from a WPF app, I can use the method as expected. However I want to send the data from a UWP app, and when trying to do so I find that the UWP client connection expects me to send a byte[] and not a Stream.

Why will UWP not recognise Stream, and how can I get around it? For reference I am intending to send files that could be many hundreds of MB in size, hence the reason I want to stream them.

Any advice is much appreciated.

  • I've helped you report this issue on Github. Let's wait their response. – Xavier Xie - MSFT Oct 22 at 9:43
  • Many thanks @XavierXie-MSFT! – Gwop Oct 23 at 10:20

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