I'm building an c++ application under Linux, that accepts data stream and stores it in remote machine as a file. I chose the scp implementation of libssh2 library for that purpose.

I would like to implement something similar to that: https://www.libssh2.org/examples/scp_write_nonblock.html Except for that in my case, I would like to read the input from a data stream and not from a file.

The problem is that libssh2_scp_send() accepts precise file size, and I don't know it ahead of time.

Constrains: 1. I can't split the stream to different files. All the streaming data must be stored in the same file. 2. I know the MAX stream size in advance, but not the exact size. 3. I would like to avoid workarounds such as, aux. scripts which manipulate the file in the remote machine.

Questions 1. Have I chosen the right library/right approach for my purpose? 2. Why does libssh2 require exact file size? What is the motivation behind it? BTW, libssh also requires exact file size according to the documentation.


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