I have a data.table which has a date field that's not in the right format, its currently in YYYYMMDD (20181201) format and I wish to change it to YYYY-MM-DD (2018-12-01) by inserting "-" between the year, month and day.

> claim_info[, .SD[5,3]]
1:   20180501
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    IF FILL_MONTH is not a character field, you will need to use as.character(FILL_Month) before using JohnCoene's solution. – Shree Oct 11 at 15:52
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If for some reason you wanted to keep it as a character type rather than converting to date:

gsub("20181009",pattern = "(\\d{4})(\\d{2})(\\d{2})",replacement = "\\1-\\2-\\3")

Below is how you can change your dates to a Date class.

# generating sample data
df <- data.frame(
  x = 1:2,
  date = c("20180101", "20180102")

# format the date
(df$date <- as.Date(df$date, format = "%Y%m%d"))

A good resource for this kind of questions= is the documentation of ?strptime.

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