I'm attempting to update an older C# MVC app that was used to upload files into a web app using Javascript, and the server is not happy about the data I'm sending.

C# MVC Code

static int CHUNK_SIZE = 1024 * 1024;
byte[] buffer = new byte[CHUNK_SIZE];
byte[] newBuffer = new byte[count];
Array.Copy(buffer, newBuffer, count);
var streamContent = new StreamContent(new MemoryStream(newBuffer), newBuffer.Length);
streamContent.Headers.Add("Content-Disposition", "form-data; name=file; filename=\"" + Path.GetFileName(fileName) + "\"");

Javascript Attempt

const file = files[0];
const chunk_size = 1024 * 1024;
const formData = new FormData(); 
const fileReader = new FileReader();

fileReader.onload = () => {

    formData.append("file", new File([fileReader.result], file.name));

    fetch('/Upload',{ body: formData })
        .then(respone => console.log('works!'))
        .catch(err => console.log('failed...'))


Does Javascript's fileReader.readAsArrayBuffer return the file data in the same format as C# MVC's new MemoryStream() method?

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