class Foobar: Model {}
extension Foobar: Migration {}

When you just create a new model and you also want to create a table in database then these two lines might be enough already.

If you want to provide more properties with primitive types like var id: Int? Vapor know how to handle it.

But what if you have something like this ...

enum FancyType: String, Codable {
    case awesome
    // ...

... and your model is expecting a default value for initialization and table creation?

class Foobar: Model {
    let fancy: FancyType

    init(fancy: FancyType = .awesome) {
        self.fancy = fancy

In my case it just crashes with a fatal error saying:

DecodingError: Cannot initialize Foobar from invalid String value 0

With that I'm curious how to actually configure default values on table creation.

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