I have the following situatuion.

My client sends following task to the worker:

# client
task = my_task.apply_async((some_params), queue='my_queue')
# task.get()  # This blocks

My worker executes the task properly and returns the result.

So retrieving the result with task.get() works but it blocks. Now what I'd like to have is a callback that is called when a result (success or failure) is available.

There is a on_success function of the Task class. But that is used in the worker. Similiar Question

Any ideas or solutions?


You can have callbacks with a task, but it's not the caller or client that can be notified or called back (because celery is out of process), it will be another celery task that has to be used as the callback. If you would like to use a callback, you can use celery's link or canvassing functionality.

For a simple callback that uses the result of the initiating task you can do the following:

def add(m, n):
    return m + n

def callback(result):
    print(f'My result was {result}')

def client_caller():
    add.apply_async(args=(2, 2), link=callback.s())

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