Why we use the require() instead of url or path of the image directly, to show images in react native ? Is there any special reason why we use require()?

After the ES6 is released, the module becomes the standard. The standard usage is exported by "export" and imported by "import".

But in the nodejs module, we are using CommonJS, using "require" to import modules.

CommonJS is a specification, and NodeJS is an implementation of this specification. CommonJS is an evolving specification, and modules are an important part.

Node uses the CommonJS module specification, and the built-in require command is used to load module files. The modules defined by CommonJS are divided into: {(require)} {(exports)} {(module)} Require() is used to introduce external modules; the exports object is used to export methods or variables of the current module; the module object represents the module itself. The basic function of the require command is to read in and execute a JavaScript file and then return the module's exports object. If the specified module is not found, an error will be reported.

I hope to help you understand "require()".

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  • I know what the require() function does. But your answer is different from my question. So, you mean that the image files are also modules that we load via the require()? – Daddy Boy Oct 13 at 11:37

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