Does anyone know how I can create a format of a variable in R and apply it to any other variable I want?

More specifically, I am trying to translate a SAS script to R script.

In SAS I can create a format of a variable like this:


VALUE bool
1 = "Yes"
2 = "No"
3 = "NA"

(so the variable bool has the levels 1, 2, 3, where 1 will be replaced with "Yes", 2 with "No", etc)

Then I can indicate that for a specific variable of my data set (myVariable) - which also has the levels 1, 2, 3 - I want to have the same format:

FORMAT myVariable bool.;

so all the 1s will become "Yes", etc. Obviously, the order of the levels is not the same between the two variables, i just want to apply the same labels.

I cannot find how to do this with R, has anyone already done it?

  • One thing to keep in mind -- proc format is nothing but a behind-the-scenes left join on the values in a dataset. – samkart Oct 11 '18 at 16:04

You can also create a function if you want to reuse the format (and not deal with factors if that is a problem).

 lvl <- function(y){ifelse(y == 1, "Yes",
                              ifelse(y == 2, "No","NA"))}

df <- data.frame(
  answers = c(1,2,3)

df2 <- df %>% mutate(var2 = lvl(answers))

Try a look-up vector. For example.

v <-setNames(c("yes", "no","na"), 1:3))

In vanilla R, you can do this:

# create data
df <- data.frame(
  'answers' = c('1','2','3')

# make 'answers' into a factor
df$answers <- as.factor(df$answers)

#rename factor levels
[1] "1" "2" "3"

levels(df$answers) <- c('Yes','No','NA')

In Tidyverse, this is slightly less clunky.

# you can also do this within tidyverse

# create data
df <- data.frame(
  'answers' = c('1','2','3')

df %>% mutate(answers = as.factor(answers)) %>% 
recode(answers, '1' = 'Yes', '2'='No', '3'='NA')) -> df

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