Having following:

list1 = ['something',"somet'hing",'somet"hing','some;thing','']
list2 = [';','"',"'"]

I would like to get filtered list1 if string inside list contain any of the character from list2 or string is blank. Desired output:

list3 = ['something']

Currently I'm doing it manually like this:

list1withoutEmptyLines= list(filter(None, list1))
list1withoutQuote = [x for x in list1withoutEmptyLines if "'" not in x]
list1withoutDoublequotes = [x for x in list1withoutQuote if "\"" not in x]
list1withoutSemicolon = [x for x in list1withoutDoublequotes if ";" not in x]

and It works perfectly fine. I also tried to automate it through creating list of forbidden characters like this:

forbiddenCharacters = ['"', ';', '\'']
filteredLines = []

for character in forbiddenCharacters:
    filteredLines = [x for x in uniqueLinesInFile if character not in x]

but list called filteredLines still contains strings with semicolon ";". Any advice will be appreciated.

  • [x for x in list1 if not any(y in x for y in list2)] – Abdou Oct 11 '18 at 16:04
  • You are overwriting filteredLines in each iteration. – Seljuk Gülcan Oct 11 '18 at 16:05

You could do this using a list comprehension combined with the built-in function any:

list1 = ['something', "somet'hing", 'somet"hing', 'some;thing', '']
list2 = [';', '"', "'"]

result = [s for s in list1 if s and not any(c in s for c in list2)]



The list comprehension is equivalent to:

result = []
for s in list1:
    if s and not any(c in s for c in list2):

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