I want to create a directive on angularjs I am using the v 1.6.6 is a app chat I am alredy put this and is working

angular.module('sls-app').directive('chatScroll', function () {
    return {
        scope: {
            chatScroll: "=",
            autoScrollDown: '='
        link: function(scope, element) {
            scope.$watchCollection('chatScroll', function(newValue) {
                    if (newValue && !scope.autoScrollDown) {
                        setTimeout(function() {
                                scrollTop: ($(element)[0].scrollHeight)
                            }, 200);
                        }, 300);

this work when I typing is scrolling down, but my issue when I enter back to the any single chat I see the scroll is moving down by it self., is any way create or add something on this directive for always keep the scroll on the button, that way I cant VOID that behavior

this is my html

                        <!-- LOAD PREVIOUS BUTTON -->
                        <div style="text-align: center">
                            <button ng-click="chatCtrl.loadMore()" 
                                    ng-if="loadPrevious && chat.messages.length >= 150" 
                                    class="btn" style="margin: 5px 0 0;font-size: 0.85em"
                                {{loadingPrevious?'Loading...':'Load previous'}}

                        <!-- MESSAGE LIST -->
                        <ul id="chatbox">
                            <!-- MESSAGE -->
                            <span ng-repeat="singleMessage in chat.messages | orderBy: 'messageid' track by $index"
                                  ng-init="sentbyParsed=parJson(singleMessage.sentby); yesOrNo = singleMessage.isNew" 
                                  ng-attr-id="{{'chatFeed_' + singleMessage.chatid}}">

                                <!-- ME -->
                                <li ng-if="sentbyParsed.id === chat.user.id" class="msgThread group currentUser">
                                    <div class="msgBalloon group">
                                        <div class="msgHeader">
                                            <div class="msgFull">{{ singleMessage.message }}</div>
                                    <div class="msgDate">
                                        {{ singleMessage.createdOn | date:'short'}}
                                        <img ng-if="!showSent" src="/_CDN/lib/messenger/css/delivered.png" style="height: 12px">

                                <!-- RECIPIENT -->
                                <li ng-if="sentbyParsed.id !== chat.user.id" 
                                    class="msgThread group" ng-class="{newMsg: yesOrNo && $last}">
                                    <div class="msgAuthor" style="background: #fff url('https://swinglifestyle.com/s1sp1cture5a/{{chat.recipient.picture}}') 50%;background-size: cover;">
                                        <a ng-href="">
                                    <div class="msgBalloon group">
                                        <div class="msgHeader">
                                            <div ng-if="sentbyParsed.name != ''" class="msgFrom">{{ sentbyParsed.name}}</div>
                                            <div class="msgFull">{{ singleMessage.message }}</div>
                                    <div class="msgFrom">{{ sentbyParsed.name}}</div>
                                    <div class="msgDate">{{ singleMessage.createdOn | date:'short'}}</div>



thanks so mush

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