I have one spring boot application which is in our internal data center, which process files from a specific folder on the host.

we wanted to deploy this to aws and wanted to use s3 bucket to upload files for processing.

is there any way we can add s3 bucket space as docker volume?

No docker volume is for mounting drives on the machine (https://docs.docker.com/storage/volumes/)

You can use the S3 api to manage your bucket from the docker container (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/API/Welcome.html)

S3 is an object store, not a file system. You should have S3 trigger a message to SQS when new objects are added to the bucket. Then you can code your application running in the Docker container to poll SQS for new messages, and us the S3 location in the message to copy the object from S3 to local storage (using the appropriate AWS SDK) for processing.

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