I want to override the OnMarkerClickListener but the problem is something changed. By default, once a marker is clicked, the directions and map floating button are shown right at the bottom of the map fragment.

After I override the OnMarkerClickListener it changed. Once the marker is clicked it no longer shows the directions and map buttons.

public boolean onMarkerClick(Marker marker) {
    if(previousMarkerClicked == null) {
        previousMarkerClicked = marker;
        previousMarkerClicked = marker;

    selectedMarker_index = getMarkerIndex(marker.getTitle());
    return true;

How can I show the directions and map button in my map fragment?

Picture that shows Buttons are shown once the marker is clicked


Google docs give this information on how to set the return value of the onMarkerClick() method:

true if the listener has consumed the event (i.e., the default behavior should not occur); false otherwise (i.e., the default behavior should occur). The default behavior is for the camera to move to the marker and an info window to appear.

Basically, this means if you return true (as you are doing) the developer is saying "let me take care of everything". Returning false means that in addition to what the developer instructs inside the method, the system will also do what it usually does.

So if you want the Google Maps Toolbar to appear, you need to return false in the onMarkerClick() method.

You if for some reason you wish to return false in the onMarkerClick() method, but do not want to display the Toolbar you can add this:

  • thank you for that, I have been thinking how to achieve both(hiding the info while not consuming the event by returning false. – Jesusa Batoctoy Oct 12 '18 at 3:51

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