I'd like to find a diameter of the graph (7kk vertices and 70kk edges) in ArangoDB. I'm trying to do the following in Arango Shell:

var graph_module = require("@arangodb/general-graph");
graph = graph_module._graph("graph_name");
graph._diameter({weight : 'distance', defaultWeight: 1});

But after some time I get an error

JavaScript exception in file 'c:\Program Files\ArangoDB3 3.3.4\usr\share\arangodb3\js\client\modules\@arangodb\arangosh.js' at 98,7: ArangoError 2001: Error reading from: 'http+tcp://' 'timeout during read'
!      throw error;
!      ^
stacktrace: ArangoError: Error reading from: 'http+tcp://' 'timeout during read'
    at Object.exports.checkRequestResult (c:\Program Files\ArangoDB3 3.3.4\usr\share\arangodb3\js\client\modules\@arangodb\arangosh.js:96:21)
    at ArangoStatement.execute (c:\Program Files\ArangoDB3 3.3.4\usr\share\arangodb3\js\client\modules\@arangodb\arango-statement.js:174:12)
    at Proxy.ArangoDatabase._query (c:\Program Files\ArangoDB3 3.3.4\usr\share\arangodb3\js\client\modules\@arangodb\arango-database.js:950:42)
    at Graph._diameter (c:\Program Files\ArangoDB3 3.3.4\usr\share\arangodb3\js\common\modules\@arangodb\general-graph.js:1544:21)
    at <shell command>:1:7

Can I do something with this? For example, increase timeout time?

The environment is: ArangoDB v3.3.4, OS: Win10, storage engine: rocksdb

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