I have Generated CRUD with Gii, but my migrations don't work as expected to.

'id' => $this->primaryKey(),
'student' => $this->string(255)->notNull(),
'diploma_teacher' => $this->string(255)->notNull(),
'type_of_work' => $this->string(255)->notNull(),
'student_classification' => $this->string(255)->notNull(),
'title' => $this->string(255)->notNull(),
'created_at' => $this->dateTime()->notNull(),
'updated_at' => $this->dateTime()->notNull(),

When creating new Diploma Work the field for created_at and updated_at

0000-00-00 00:00:00
0000-00-00 00:00:00

I would suggest you declare the create_at and update_at as follow,

'create_at' => $this->dateTime()->notNull()->defaultExpression('now()'),
'update_at' => $this->dateTime()->notNull()->defaultExpression('now()')->append('ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP')

You should add the default value expression

'created' => $this->dateTime()->notNull()->defaultExpression('now()')

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