I am using AdMob with a Interstitial and an Banner unit in my Android app.

Now I want to display an Direct sold campaign to these units. So I am using the AdMob campaign section to achieve this. I have created a Ad as an Direct Sold.

I have filled the details and provided the link and all the targeting info and also selected the formats and units.

But after the AD is enabled the status of the Ads is showing as the image below and also the impressions and clicks are showing as zero and the ad in not being show and only the normal ads/other ads are being shown where as I have selected that 100% of the traffic from my country should be shown this ad only. It has already been 2-3 day after creating this.

enter image description here

I have already filled all the payment details in fact I have already received the payment twice or thrice.

Any help on how to rectify this or is there any other alternative would be really appreciated.

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