I am doing a POC in PWA and service worker, i hosted to application in localhost and tested in Chrome everything seems to working fine even the indexed db is getting listed properly.

to test the offline functionality :

in Inspector > Network Tab > Offline ( check the option )

When am in Edge i didn't see this option so tried disconnecting the network but still because it reading from localhost everything is working directly and reading from server.

To check the Indexeddb and all i installed the MS Edge DevTools preview, still am not able to see the DB and Store

Is there any way to test this in Edge

At present, Offline mode is not available in MS Edge.

If you want to see index db then you can open the developer tools and go to the debugger tab.

It looks like below.

enter image description here

You also not need to install developer tools additionally because by default it comes with Edge. You can directly use it.

You can try to check on your side. Let us know if you still have problem in finding the index db in Edge, We will try to provide further suggestions.

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