I'm still having a very difficult time with polymorphic associations, because I can't do nested forms. However, without even getting into forms, I can't even do what I would think is a very basic task.

For example:

class User < ApplicationRecord
    has_many subscriptions, dependent: :destroy, as: :imageable


class Company < ApplicationRecord
    has_many :subscriptions, dependent: :destroy, as: :imageable


class Subscription < ApplicationRecord
    belongs_to :imageable, polymorphic: true

if I run Company.first.subscriptions.create(name: "Random"), this works, but the following fails:

@company = Company.new({:name => "Random Company Name"})

Why does this fail? It seems because @company.subscriptions shows an associated Subscription with imageable_type: Company but imageable_id: nil. This is a legitimate case where I don't want to add a subscription but I want to add a Company.

If that is the case, then how do I get imageable_id? With a polymorphic association, shouldn't imageable_id get auto filled when @company saves?

I think that when you call

@company = Company.new({:name => "Random Company Name"})

You initialize a new record without saving it, meaning it has an ID of nil.

When you then call


It doesn't know what company_id to assign the new subscription. Try changing your first line to:

@company = Company.create({:name => "Random Company Name"})

This will mean @company gets assigned an ID, which can then be assigned to the subscription

  • I figured it out. I just had to make subscriptions optional with belongs_to :imageable, polymorphic: true, optional: true. Would have never thought this. – LewlSauce Oct 11 at 16:20

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