I have a class:

class Dog {

Dog() {
  print("Current classname is: ${this.className}");


It seems this.className is not allowed. Is there something equivalent ?

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or just


returns the name of the current class.

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    This does not work for static methods. (The use case is for log messages and meta data)
    – Worik
    Oct 31, 2022 at 20:03

If you want to initialize a variable at the beginning of the class and not in the build method (for instance), the way to go is simply doing as follows:

String className = (YourClass).toString();

Please see the attached picture of standalone code that shows an implementation of just getting the class name from this function:

void printArea(Shape shape){
  String shapeClass = (shape).runtimeType.toString();
  print('The area of the $shapeClass is: ${shape.area}');

Full code on DartPad

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You can print the class name using this:


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