I'm working with nodemailer and would change email sender in the fields in order to make the change appears on my Gmail dashboard. Currently, despite my modifications it's still my name that appears on my Gmail dashboar as following in blurred:

enter image description here

I would instead of "me" or my own adress mail that there is a custome value in theses fields.

Here my current code:

 mailOpts = {
    // from: req.body.name + '<' + req.body.email + '>',
    from: 'Fred Foo <foo@blurdybloop.com>' , // here the custom value
    to: GMAIL_USER,
    subject: 'New message from contact form',
    text: `${req.body.name} (${req.body.email}) says: ${req.body.message}`

I have read on the web and test some other tips but it doesn't work.

Someone know how to override the default sender value? any hint would be great, thanks

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