I have to solve a multiple database connection problem in nodejs and mongoose.

Every user has an own database, and the request contains the user database's unique identifier. It means every request I have to change the db or I have to create and close a new connection.

But the problem is, If I change the reusable db connection it will change globally and the other request data in same time will be saved in the same database. It means I have to create the user own mongoose connections in the middleware and store it the current request data.

app.get('/', async function (req, res) {

    req.userinfo.connection = mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/' + userdata.databasename,{ useNewUrlParser: true });


It's ok, in the controller I can access the request data:

let BS = require('./model');
let bs = new BS({
   BusinessName: 'Hello'
await bs.save();

But the problems come here, I placed my models in separated files and it requires the mongoose, it means after I created my new model in the connection I can't change the model database...

Here's my model:

let mongoose = require('mongoose');
let Schema = mongoose.Schema;

let BusinessProfileSchema = new Schema({
  BusinessName: {type: String, required: true},
}, {
  collection: 'BusinessProfile'

let BusinessProfile = mongoose.model('BusinessProfile', BusinessProfileSchema);
module.exports = BusinessProfile;

In the model file I can't access to the request data.

Yes, I saw a solution here with multiple mongoose connection but it was't separated...

Should I create own model function that create the model with the corrent mongoose connection?

Should I pass current connection when I requiring the model require('./model')(connection)?

Should I add all models after to the connection after I created?

Which solution is recommended for this separated database?

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