Guys may u pls help me? I am currently making a maze game IN MS EXCEL and i have made my buttons 'up', 'down','left','right' and gave it an offset command(located in the module), im thinking of disabling specific buttons for when the cell is cornered by a wall(cannot go left or right, etc.)

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
    Dim b1, b2, b3, b4 As Button
        Set b1 = ActiveSheet.Buttons("Up").up_Click
        Set b2 = ActiveSheet.Buttons("Down").down_click
        Set b3 = ActiveSheet.Buttons("Left").left_click
        Set b4 = ActiveSheet.Buttons("Right").right_click
            If Selection.Count = 1 Then
             If Not Intersect(Target, Range("AF9")) Is Nothing Then
                    b1.Enabled = False
                    b2.Enabled = True
                    b3.Enabled = False
                    b4.Enabled = False

             End If
        End If
End Sub

I tried this code(located in the sheet; not in the module) so that the buttons will disable but i am getting an error message saying "Run-time error '1004': Unable to get Buttons properly of the Worksheet class" then it highlights the code 'Set b1 = ActiveSheet.Buttons("Up").up_Click'. I dont know what to change in the code. pls help. (if you guys want to suggest a different way in making the walls, please feel free :D )

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    One thing to note is right now you have b1, b2 and b3 declared as Variant - that Dim line should be Dim b1 as Button, b2 as Button, b3 as Button, b4 As Button. – dwirony Oct 11 at 16:31
  • Also I'm not sure what .up_Click is - is that a property of these buttons? – dwirony Oct 11 at 16:33
  • oh i read something here "" saying "ActiveSheet.Buttons("Button 1").Name" so im assuming that the '.name' is the name of the macro? – Kurt Cinco Oct 11 at 16:37
  • No .Name is the literal property of .Buttons() - You should be able to just assign each button with Set b1 = ActiveSheet.Buttons("Up"), not need for a .Name or anything else. – dwirony Oct 11 at 16:39
  • oh okay.. i just removed the .Name and the error is still popping up – Kurt Cinco Oct 11 at 16:41

Worksheets don't have a .Buttons() collection, and buttons don't have an up_Click event handler.

It sounds like you are using actual button controls (as opposed to using cells that look like buttons). You can enable and disable an ActiveX Button Control, but not a Form Button Control. There is a difference. If you are using Form Button Controls on the worksheet then you will need to replace them with ActiveX Button Controls. If you name the buttons "CommandButton_up", "CommandButton_down", "CommandButton_right", and "CommandButton_left", then in the Worksheet_SelectionChange you can disable them like so:

CommandButton_up.Enabled = False
CommandButton_down.Enabled = False
CommandButton_right.Enabled = False
CommandButton_left.Enabled = False

You will of course need more logic surrounding when and how you disable them, but this is how you interact with an ActiveX control located on a worksheet.

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