I'm using an offline terminal to create an .m3u8 file but I would like to play it using VLC. Every example so far has shown examples of using m3u8 online but this isn't an option for me. If you can play it offline using VLC how do you do so?

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m3u8 files are just playlists without actual contents, but just URL pointers. Those files are mostly being used these days for HLS.

While you can play the files while offline, you won't see anything unless you are also hosting the referenced Contents.

  • I have .m3u8 files and the content .ts files but I'm not sure how I would play them offline because every example i have seen is using a website URL which isn't an option for me unfortunately – Michael Munyanyi Oct 12 at 14:16
  • As @feepk pointed out and as described in the m3u wiki, your best bet if you have the files locally is to use a local file path (instead of an HTTP URL), relative or absolute. – mtz 2 days ago

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