I am developing a table component and the data for the table component is to be populated on basis of three dropdown values. I need to pass in all three values to the API to get the desired response. I can achieve it using nested subscribes, which is a very bad way. but any change calls the API multiple times. How can I fix it? Most examples I found are for getting only the final subscribe value but in my case, I need all three. Any advice to achieve using tap and flatMap?

Please advice.

    this._data.currentGroup.subscribe(bg => {
        this.bg = bg;

        this._data.currentUnit.subscribe(bu => {
            this.bu = bu;

            this._data.currentFunction.subscribe(jf => {
                this.jf = jf;

                this.apiService.getFunctionalData(this.bg, this.bu, this.jf)
                  (data) => {


This is what I did.

        tap(bg => this.bg = bg),
        flatMap(bu => this._data.currentUnit.pipe(
            tap(bu => this.bu = bu),
            flatMap(jf => this._data.currentFunction.pipe(
                tap(jf => this.jf = jf)

This is a sample example of my dataService. I initialize my dataservice in the table component's constructor as _data.

    changeGroup(bg: string) {

    private changeGroupData = new BehaviorSubject<string>('');
    currentChangeGroup = this.changeGroupData.asObservable();
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You can use combineLatest to combine the three Observables and then subscribe to all of them at once. It will emit a new value as soon as one of the three Observables changes.

              this._data.currentFunction).subscribe(([bg, bu, jf]) => {
        // do stuff

For an example, have a look at this stackblitz demo I created.

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