When I reload a the form page, it resubmits itself without the user clicking anything. when you first enter the page, the form doesn't resubmit on page reload, but once the user has submitted the form once it start to resubmit on page reload for no reason. Can somebody help? thanks. BTW this is the code:

<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Recipe Upload</title>
<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
	<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
	<script type="text/javascript" src="js/scripts.js"></script>

	echo $_POST['submit'];
	$directoryR = getcwd()."/recipes/";
    $filesR = scandir($directoryR);


	$meal = 'שם המנה:'.' '.$_POST['meal'];
	$time = 'זמן הכנה:'.'  '.$_POST['time'];
	$myFiletime= fopen('time.txt','a');
	$myfilename = fopen('names.txt','a');
	fwrite($myfilename, $name." ".$surname. "\n");
	$myFileMeal = fopen('meal.txt','a');
			$category = $_POST['category'];
	$recipe =$_POST['ingredients']	. "\n" . $_POST['directions'];
	$directoryR = getcwd()."/recipes/";
    $filesR = scandir($directoryR);
		echo count($filesR)-2;
	$path=getcwd().'/recipes/recipe[' . $num_filesR . '].txt';
	$myFileRecipe = fopen($path, 'a');
	fwrite($myFileRecipe, $recipe);
	<form class="form" method="post" action="recipeUpload.php" enctype="multipart/form-data" autocomplete="off" >
		<fieldset style="margin-bottom: 70px;padding-top: 70px;">
		<legend style="font-size: 36px;">פרטים אישיים</legend>
		<input class="inForm" type="text" name="name" placeholder="שם"  required/>
		<input class="inForm" type="text" name="sur-name" placeholder="שם משפחה" required/>
		<fieldset style="margin-bottom: 70px;padding-top: 70px;">
			<legend style="font-size: 36px; ">פרטי המתכון</legend>
		<fieldset class="inForm" style="width:max-content;">
		<legend style="font-size: 36px">העלו תמונה של המתכון</legend>
			<label class="action" id="bb">בחרו תמונה
			<input id="file" class="inForm" type="file" name="myfile" accept="image/*" required>
			<div id="name"></div>
		<input class="inForm" type="text" name="time" placeholder="זמן הכנה" required/>

		<input class="inForm" type="text" name="meal" placeholder="שם המנה" required/>
		<label class="inForm">בחרו קטגוריה מתאימה</label>
		<select class="inForm" name="category" required/>
		<option value="מנות ראשונות">מנות ראשונות</option>
			<option value="בשר">בשר</option>
			<option value="פחמימות">פחמימות</option>
			<option value="דברי חלב">דברי חלב</option>
			<option value="צמחוני">צמחוני</option>
			<option value="סלטים">סלטים</option>
			<option value="קינוחים">קינוחים</option>
			<option value="אחר">אחר</option>
		<fieldset style="margin-bottom: 70px;padding-top: 70px;">
		<legend style="font-size: 36px;">המתכון עצמו</legend>
		<textarea id="ingredients" name="ingredients" class="inForm long-text" placeholder="רכיבים" required>רכיבים:</textarea>
			<textarea id="directions" name="directions" class="inForm long-text" placeholder="אופן ההכנה" required>אופן ההכנה:</textarea>
	<input class="inForm action" id="submit" type="submit" name="submit" value="שלחו את המתכון שלכם">
			echo "<label class='inForm'> Your messege has been sent. Thank You!</label>";
			 $errors = []; // Store all foreseen and unforseen errors here
    $fileName = $_FILES['myfile']['name'];
    $fileSize = $_FILES['myfile']['size'];
    $fileTmpName  = $_FILES['myfile']['tmp_name'];
    $fileType = $_FILES['myfile']['type'];
			$tmp =explode('.',$fileName);
	$fileExtension = strtolower(end($tmp));
   $directory = getcwd(). "/uploads/";
    $files = scandir($directory);
        if ($fileSize > 2000000) {
            $errors[] = "This file is more than 2MB. Sorry, it has to be less than or equal to 2MB";

        if (empty($errors)) {
			  $uploadPath = getcwd() ."/uploads/img[" .$num_files. "].". $fileExtension;
           if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['myfile']['tmp_name'], $uploadPath)) {
    } else{
        echo "There was an error uploading the file, please try again!";
        } else {
            foreach ($errors as $error) {
                echo $error . "These are the errors" . "\n";



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    This is by design, when you reload the page, it will submit the form again. This is one of the reasons you shouldn't process a form on the same page you submitted it, and you should redirect after the processing is complete. – GrumpyCrouton Oct 11 at 16:50
  • A quick search before asking a question will often as not get you the answer you need. That is afterall why StackOverflow was invented – RiggsFolly Oct 11 at 17:00
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    Just redirect it to the same page after successful submission the use data header('location:yourdomainpage.php'); – Shakil Hossain Oct 11 at 17:15

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