I fetched data from model in controller . i want to display this data in view inside another view. its showing blank page. here is my code..

controller -

public function Listblog()

model -

public function listblog()
    return $query->result();
  • $this->load->view('Welcome_message',$listblogwithpage);, the second parameter should be an array. I believe that $listblogwithpage is not an array. I think, load multiple view is what you are looking for. codeigniter.com/user_guide/general/… – blue qn Oct 11 '18 at 18:56

To assign a view to a variable the 3rd param must be true:

$listblogwithpage=$this->load->view('list_blog',$listblog, true);

Further the 2nd param must be an array. E.g. $data['listblog'] = 123;

$var = $this->load->view('somepage', $data, true);

This applies to any usage of view.


If you want to pass data from a controller to the first view and then have the second view pass data to the second view, you should do the following, always remembering that CI expects data passed to a view to be in form of an array. Take this and feel free to adapt it to suit your needs

In controller:

// populate an array and pass it to the first view
$first_view_data = array(
    'listblog' => $listblog_query_result,

$this->load->view('firstview', $first_view_data);

In the first view, populate a new array with whatever data you need and call the second view from within the first one, passing the second data array:

$second_view_data = array(
  'second_data_var' => $variable,
  'other_data_var'  => $other_var,

$this->load->view('second_view', $second_view_data);

CI is intelligent enough to let you call a view from within a view and pass data from each to the next in this way. Just remember, it has to be an array.

Using the data:

In the first view you'd call $listblog

In the second view, you would access $second_data_var and $other_data_var

$listblog $second_data_var and $other_data_var each could be single variables, arrays, objects and mostly anything as long as they are passed to the view as elements of an array


try this way.


    function Listblog() {
           $data = array();

in view page you have to call that data array $listblog

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