I am creating some simple Spring Boot project with Hibernate JPA. I created some data model which consists 5 tables for now and created entities reflecting tables. I have set spring.jpa.generate-ddl=true and my entities was correctly reflected by schema created in PostgreSQL.

Next step was to start adding relations.

Part of my assumed datamodel is (paron my UML)

enter image description here

Very simple one to many relation.

My entities look that way (getters and setters omitted below, exist in code):

public class AppUser {

  private long id;

  private String name;
  private String secondName;
  private String email;
  private java.util.Date joinDate;

  @JoinColumn(name = "user_role_id")
  private UserRole userRole;

public class UserRole {

  private long id;

  private String roleName;

I launch my application with spring.jpa.generate-ddl=true and column user_role_id gets created in AppUser table but application fails to start due errors:

2018-10-11 19:41:35.435  INFO 45564 --- [           main] org.hibernate.tool.hbm2ddl.SchemaUpdate  : HHH000228: Running hbm2ddl schema update
2018-10-11 19:41:35.466  WARN 45564 --- [           main] o.h.engine.jdbc.spi.SqlExceptionHelper   : SQL Error: 0, SQLState: 42703
2018-10-11 19:41:35.466 ERROR 45564 --- [           main] o.h.engine.jdbc.spi.SqlExceptionHelper   : ERROR: column t1.tgconstrname does not exist

There is full stacktrace (please advise if should paste it here instead of pastebin: https://pastebin.com/x4qNJkK9

When I set spring.jpa.generate-ddl=false application starts succesfully.

Any ideas why is that happening?

  • You can try to use the @Column(name="user_role_id") on the UserRole Table. – Grinish Nepal Oct 11 at 18:44
  • Could not it be that something already exists in the PostgreSQL schema what would interfere with the table creation by spring.jpa.generate-ddl=true? Would it be possible to try with a new virgin Postgres SQL schema? – Michal Oct 11 at 19:24
  • @Michal I tried this on pristine database, and now tried again with new schema. Still no luck – Zychoo Oct 11 at 19:30
  • @GrinishNepal Hey. I am not sure how to understand that. Can you elaborate? – Zychoo Oct 11 at 19:50
  • what I am saying is give a column name to your ID column in UserRole. Just paste the annotation after the @GeneratedValue and work with a pristine Postgre – Grinish Nepal Oct 11 at 20:09

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