I'm trying to setup Continuous Integration for a React-Native project and run into some problems with the end to end testing, notably around the Metro bundler.

It seems that using the react-native script is not reliable in this case:

  • The iOS build spontaneously spawns a bundler in a new terminal and leaves it running after the build.
  • The Android build relies on a running instance which must be started manually beforehand.
  • The bundler can't be stopped by other means than signalling it (Ctrl+C or kill).
  • There's no synchronization with the build to ensure the bundler is ready to process when the app launches.

I would like to write a custom script that can start Metro, run the tests once the server is ready, and finally stop the server to cleanup the environment.

  • After a lot of experimentation I figured that metro must run as a separate process, otherwise it won't be able to answer client requests. So the challenge was to fork a new process, parse the console output and hold execution until metro is ready. – Vanista Oct 15 '18 at 18:05

The metro bundler must run as a separate process to be able to serve requests. The way to do that is by using Child Process : Spawn and keep the returned object to properly cleanup.

Here's a basic script that launches both Metro and Gradle in parallel and wait until both are ready based on their logging output.

'use strict';

const cp = require('child_process');
const fs = require('fs');
const readline = require('readline');

// List of sub processes kept for proper cleanup
const children = {};

async function asyncPoint(ms, callback = () => {}) {
  return await new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(() => {
  }, ms));

async function fork(name, cmd, args, {readyRegex, timeout} = {}) {

  return new Promise((resolve) => {

    const close = () => {
      delete children[name];

    if(timeout) {
      setTimeout(() => close, timeout);

    const child = cp.spawn(
        silent: false,
        stdio: [null, 'pipe', 'pipe'],

    child.on('close', close);
    child.on('exit', close);
    child.on('error', close);

    const output = fs.createWriteStream(`./volatile-build-${name}.log`);

    const lineCb = (line) => {
      console.log(`[${name}] ${line}`);
      if (readyRegex && line.match(readyRegex)) {

      input: child.stdout,
    }).on('line', lineCb);

      input: child.stderr,
    }).on('line', lineCb);

    children[name] = child;

async function sighandle() {
  Object.values(children).forEach(child => child.kill('SIGTERM'));
  await asyncPoint(1000);

function setSigHandler() {
  process.on('SIGINT', sighandle);
  process.on('SIGTERM', sighandle);

async function main() {


  // Metro Bundler
  const metroSync = fork(
    [ // args
    { // options
      readyRegex: /Loading dependency graph, done./,
      timeout: 60000,

  // Build APK
  const buildSync = fork(
    [ // args
    { // options
      readyRegex: /BUILD SUCCESSFUL/,
      timeout: 300000,

  if (await metroSync && await buildSync) {

    // TODO: Run tests here




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