Let's say I have a vector in php:

$Vector = [1,4,3,11]

How can I display each of the vector adds possibities (2power4) ?

Exemple :


an so on ... ?

Now, let' suppose my vector contains some SQL parts like this :

["AND name = 'Tom'","AND age < 20"," AND Ugly = true " , 'AND smart = false"] ; 

How could I display all of the 'glued ' vector possibilities such as :

AND name = 'Tom'" AND Ugly = true 
AND smart = false AND age < 20 AND name = 'Tom'
AND name = 'Tom'
And so on ?

Thank you , maybe i should use a lib like https://numphp.org/ ?

Have a nice night

EDIT : I've found a first hint there :https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/print-all-possible-combinations-of-r-elements-in-a-given-array-of-size-n/

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