I am having trouble to understand the difference and usage of os.path, Path and glob.

For now what I am trying to do is to get images and manipulate them with this code, which works almost perfectly for my project (sometimes it gives me some error), Kaggle Cats vs Dogs, as some of you probably know, but I read that from Python 3.4 is best to use Path instead of os.path

def load_dogs():
    path = 'train/'
    dog_path = os.path.join(path, 'dog*)
    for dog in glob(dog_path):
        dog_img = cv2.imread(dog)
        dogs.append(dog_img )

Can you clarify how glob works? I understand that os.path gives me a string. But what glob is giving to me? The file itself?

Why and how should I start using Path instead of os.path for this case?

Yes. I read the documentation but just got more confused.

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