stmt.executeUpdate("CREATE TABLE students (TNumber decimal(8), FirstName 

varchar(20) not null,LastName varchar(20) not null,DateOfBirth date,primary key(TNumber))engine=innodb;"
            stmt.executeUpdate("create INDEX idx_lname on students(LastName);");
            PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement("select * from students");
            rs = ps.executeQuery();
            System.out.println("Display results");
                        Integer TNum = rs.getInt("students.TNumber");
                        String FirstName = rs.getString("students.FirstName");
                        String LastName= rs.getString("students.LastName");
                        //Date dob = rs.getDate("students.DateOfBirth");
                        System.out.format("%d       %s      %s      ", TNum,FirstName,LastName);

I have inserted data in to the database but I do not know how to retrieve the data?

  • My guess is that you need to remove students. from each String you pass to rs.getInt and rs.getString. If you’re getting an exception, edit your question and include the entire stack trace in your question. – VGR Oct 11 at 18:51

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