I am working on a code where I have to encrypt & decrypt a simple text. I have the idea for the flow of the code, but I am missing on which types etc. are working the best. Is there for example a way to have an empty dictionary with key a - z and then add those argument values ?

I was also given 2 functions that should help but I am not sure on how to use them.

def print_cipher(key):
    for i in range(len(key)):
        print(f'{alphabet[i]} - {key[i]}')

def shuffle_letters(letters):
    scrambled = list(letters)
    return ''.join(scrambled)

Thanks and looking forward to helping hands!

  • Just a warning because it caught me by surprise: print(f'{alphabet[i]} - {key[i]}') uses a string interpolation feature that was introduced in python 3.6 – James K Polk Oct 11 at 19:38
  • If you have an idea for the flow, maybe write it down in plain English and include that in your question. That is a good place to start. – Luke Joshua Park Oct 11 at 19:41

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