I'm trying to create a basic card with 2 buttons(I know, the doc says limited to 1) But the freaky thing is when I try to test it on my Google assistant on my Android and iOS phone. I get two buttons for android(1 call, 1 weblink - call doesn't work) but for iOS, I only get 1 button and if it is call type, then I can click on it and it is working.

For the android part, even if I click and click on the call button, nothing happens.

I searched what the problem is, but I couldn't find anything. There is two things I have a doubt regarding:

  • Why is that I can only see one button on iOS when I can see two for android for the same payload?
  • Why can't I have the call type button working for android?

(Also, tested the dialogflow bot on Google Assistant on both platforms) (Payload for the call button is just 'tel:xxxxxxxxxxx' instead of a url) Any help is much appreciated.

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