I have this command that I can use to start an Apache Tomcat web server remotely from my local machine:

sudo -H -u username sh /path/to/generated/bin/startup.sh

This works and will start the Tomcat server.

Now translating this into a simple Ansible playbook, I get this:

- name: "Ensure the {{ application_name }} is started."
  become: yes
  become_user: "{{ username }}"
  shell: "sh startup.sh"
    chdir: "{{ home_dir }}/{{ application_name }}/generated/bin/"
    executable: /bin/sh

I am using become to gain root access, then I using become_user to change to the correct username, then I run the same sh startup.sh command with the /bin/sh shell.

When I run this playbook, the Ansible playbook completes but the server does not start.

PLAY [Application Playbook] ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

TASK [Gathering Facts] *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
ok: [application]

TASK [my.role : Ensure the application is started.] ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
changed: [application]

TASK [my.role : Display startup stdout] *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
ok: [application] => {
    "msg": [
        "Tomcat started."

application : ok=5    changed=1    unreachable=0    failed=0
localhost                  : ok=1    changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=0

What is shell command doing that the Ansible shell module isn't doing?

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  • You failed to specify any one single debugging action you have taken. How do you know the server failed to start? Have you checked any logs? Also, FWIW, you don't need to use shell: because there is no redirection or other special characters happening there -- command: should do the job just fine -- although that isn't the answer to your question, just an observation – Matthew L Daniel Oct 12 at 6:03
  • You should post the script and a debug of running the script. – Vladimir Botka Oct 12 at 8:41