Any ideas why I'm not able to see a reCAPTCHA on a site running in Firefox with Ghostery and ABP? Thanks


I've discovered that Ghostery is blocking Recaptcha as long as you have the addon enabled with the "Enhanced Anti-Tracking" enabled. I am unable to find a way to whitelist the google recaptcha domains in the settings.


I had the same issue and filed a report at Ghostery. They're working on it:

Thanks for reporting, this is something we’ve had reports of and you are correct that disabling anti-tracking is the current work around. Our dev team is looking into this to device a fix. We appreciate your patience and happy browsing!

The reason why ReCaptcha currently isn't working in combination with Ghostery's Enhanced Anti-Tracking is that one of the variables is recognised as "tracking data" by Ghostery and therefore replaced with the literal text "ghostery". After that, a javascript file is loaded without a required part of the file path and ends up as a 404: /recaptcha/api2//recaptcha__en.js (this should have been /recaptcha/api2/v1545#########/recaptcha__en.js).

Edit 2019-01-12: In the meanwhile, Ghostery released an update that should fix this issue.

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