Trying to build out a custom form field type in Symfony, but the widget block is not rendering. I set up a widget for a text field type in the same file, and that rendered properly. What would cause my widget to not find it's template block?


class MediaGalleryType extends AbstractType
    public function getParent()
        return TextType::class;


{% block mediagallery_widget %}
    HTML Goes here
{% endblock %}
{% block text_widget %}
    This replaces all text type fields
{% endblock %}


        - 'mediagallery.html.twig'
  • If you're not using autoconfigure, make sure to tag your service with form.type. – Themer Oct 12 at 10:04

After some more digging around in sourcecode for Symfony form types, I found a method I can extend that returns the block prefix.

public function getBlockPrefix()
    return 'mediagallery';

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