I'm trying to create a build pipeline using a YAML file on Azure DevOps. The azure-pipelines.yml file is fairly simple:

- repo: self

  name: Hosted VS2017
  demands: cmake

The build fails immediately, though, with the following error message:

##[Error 1]
No agent found in pool Hosted VS2017 which satisfies the specified demands:
     Agent.Version -gtVersion 2.140.2 

The Agent.Version is reported as 2.140.2 on the requested pool, so that's causing the check to fail. I'm not sure where this requirement is picked up, as I didn't specify it. I can work around the issue by explicitly adding an Agent.Version check:

  name: Hosted VS2017
  demands: cmake Agent.Version -gtVersion 2.140.1

Although I'm unsure about the implications, and I'd much rather understand, what the core issue is. The questions are:

  • Why is the Agent.Version check added?
  • Is there anything I can do to fix the build issue?
  • May be the cmake is not available in the Hosted VS2017 agent? – Jayendran Oct 15 at 11:49
  • @jay: CMake is available in the Hosted VS2017 agent. – IInspectable Oct 15 at 11:57
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Hosted 2017 Agent do support cmake, but cmake is not added in the Agent Capabilities. So you'd either remove the cmake demand from the build definition or add cmake in Agent Capabilities as below: enter image description here

  • This solves the issue, but I'm not sure, why. What's the relevance of the value "q" in the "cmake" user capability? Why does this solve the issue? And where was the Agent.Version check picked up previously? Also, why doesn't this simply work out-of-the box? It's not like I authored the YAML script myself. It was generated by Azure DevOps off of a pipeline created using the designer. – IInspectable Oct 19 at 9:39
  • @IInspectable It could be any string instead of "q" since your demand is just "cmake" exists rather than "cmake" equals "q". Some tasks required specified agent version but some does not. If you added a task required specified agent version, the agent version demand will be added automatically. – Eddie Chen - MSFT Oct 22 at 0:35
  • Thanks for the clarification, I guess that makes sense now. With one exception: Why did the cmake demand require a future Agent.Version? If you can, please incorporate the additional information from your previous comment into this answer to make it self-contained. – IInspectable Oct 22 at 9:07
  • @IInspectable 2.140.2 was released one month ago and it is the latest version installed on Hosted Agent. – Eddie Chen - MSFT Oct 24 at 7:02
  • I understand that, but the introduced version check uses "greater than" (as opposed to "greater or equal"). That check requires a future version of the build agent. With the documentation available, I have no way of knowing, whether this is intentional or a bug. – IInspectable Oct 24 at 7:14

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